It can be a daunting thought having to consult a solicitor on such personal matters but, with one in three relationships ending in divorce, it pays in the long run to seek advice sooner, rather than later.

Anne has almost twenty years specialist experience in family law and can advise on your options following separation. Each person's situation is different and Anne will take the time to understand your own particular concerns. She will advise and support you to reach the best resolution for your individual circumstances.

Anne is a trained collaborative lawyer. This new area of law enables parties and their solicitors to reach resolution through four-way meetings where issues are discussed in a less adversarial, but more solution-focussed environment.

The collaborative method does not suit everyone and if it's not possible to resolve matters in this way then Anne can advise on the conventional separation route, either by agreement negotiated between each parties' solicitor or through the court process.

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