Contact/Residence (formerly Custody and Access)

Contact/Residence is one of the most commonly raised issues following separation or divorce, and concerns the status and well-being of children in the relationship.

Formerly called Custody and Access, this involves reaching decisions on a number of issues, like shared access to, or care of, the children, where they will live and whether grandparents have any rights. If no agreement can be reached it may be necessary to take the case to court where the Sheriff will make the final decision.

Emotions often run high, making reasoned discussion difficult. This is why it helps to have a specialist in Family Law like Anne on your side to guide you through the complex and sometimes traumatic circumstances, and to offer practical solutions. With extensive experience of both negotiating agreements and working with the courts, Anne can help at both levels.


In recent years, adoption laws in the UK have become more flexible, although not always more straightforward.

As a specialist in Family Law, Anne has extensive experience of the adoption process and can clearly explain each step of the way, from petitioning the court on behalf of the applicants, to acting as the court's curatix and reporting officer (a curatix is responsible for safeguarding a child's interests and welfare during the adoption process).

She can also advise on the latest adoption laws for unmarried and same sex couples, which have opened up many new opportunities for families.

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