Anne Forsyth WS

Anne Forsyth has been a solicitor for almost twenty years. She established Forsyth Solicitors in 2008.

Previously Anne was a partner at McVies.

She is also a:

Writer to the Signet (WS)
The WS Society is Scotland's independent association for lawyers, which promotes the highest standards in legal services.

A trained Collaborative Family Lawyer

Member of the Family Law Association
The Family Law Association is a group of lawyers with recognised experience, specialisation or interest in Family Law.

Court-appointed Reporter and Curatix ad litem
Anne provides reports to the court with recommendations on children's residence and contact issues; as Curatix, she safeguards children's welfare in adoption and disputed contact/residence cases.

Member of the Panel of Safeguarders for East Lothian
As a safeguarder, Anne is appointed by the Children's Panel to protect the interests of children in parental neglect cases.

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